Sortables Captcha - phpBB Extension

Since phpBB 3.0.6 it's possible to use captcha plugins to prevent spambots.

This captcha plugin adds two columns, you can add options to each column. All the options will be displayed into one column, then the user has to sort the options from one to the other column, by dragging them with the mouse. If the options are dragged to the correct columns the captcha is solved. Because this is a plugin you don't have to edit any file, just upload the files and it works!

sortables captcha example 1
This plugin is based on the default Question & Answer captcha so you can really make it suitable for your type of forum! For example if you have a cooking forum, then you can ask "What to include for tomato soup?"

The user has to drag Bananas and Apples to the Throw away column to solve the captcha. :)

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